Oopya 500

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Oopya 500 produces in 5 minutes a multipurpose degreasing and disinfecting solution for your day to day: bathroom, floor, refrigerator, glass, cell phone, children’s toys, etc.

Based on salt, water and electricity the solution produced is efficient, ecological, economical and healthy.



Based on salt, water and electricity, our disinfectant solution is ecological, economical and healthy.

A. Instructions for use


Add water up to the base of the bottle neck. Add an Oopya Stick. Close the bottle by gently squeezing the spray downwards. Dissolve the stick´s content by gently shaking the bottle in a circle.

Once the content  has been diluted, connect the bottle to a power source via the USB cable. Press the button for 3 seconds until hydrolysis begins.

Wait for the end of the cycle. A second cycle can be started in order to have an even more disinfectant solution. At least 5 minutes must elapse between these 2 operations to allow the system to cool down.

Once production is complete, the spray is ready for use.


The Oopya solution can be used on all types of waterproof surfaces: slab, glass, marble, metal, plastic, etc.

Cleaning surfaces

We recommend that you use a microfiber spray. You can spray directly on the surface or on the microfiber.

Disinfect the air / eliminate odors

It can be sprayed into the air to disinfect the house or directly onto the source of the bad odor.

Oopya is also used to disinfect vegetables, shopping, etc.

Examples of use of Oopya 500

  • Disinfection of the cell phone or computer with an impregnated microfiber
  • Disinfection of purchases when they arrive at the house (vegetables, cardboard boxes, etc.)
  • Degreasing the kitchen or grill (with the fire off)
  • Clean and disinfect the toilet bowl


  • Depending on the intensity of use, a decrease in gas in the bottle may occur, preventing the spray from working. A new cycle is necessary to make it work again.
  • To keep the machine in perfect condition and to obtain a better performance, it is mandatory to use the Oopya Stick.

B. Technical specifications

Capacity : 500ml

Dimension : 256*90mm

Power supply: DC5V/2A

Electric power : 9w

Material : PC + ABS