Biodegradable disinfection spray for all types of surface. Ecological, it is good for health and for the planet.

  • Oopya 500 Quick View
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      Oopya 500 Quick View
    • Oopya 500
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    • Oopya 500 produces in 5 minutes a multipurpose degreasing and disinfecting solution for your day to day: bathroom, floor, refrigerator, glass, cell phone, children’s toys, etc. Based on salt, water and electricity the solution produced is efficient, ecological, economical and healthy.
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  • Oopya 70 Quick View
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      Oopya 70 Quick View
    • Oopya 70
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    • Oopya 70 produces in 3 minutes an efficient, ecological, economical and healthy multipurpose solution. Thanks to its battery and its small size, it can be carried anywhere: in the car, in the wallet, etc. Disinfect your shopping, your hands, the inside of the car, your cell phone, or the baby toys that fell.  
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